Pioneers At County

The tradition of regional anesthesia at Cook County Hospital was started by Dr Alon P. Winnie when Dr Vincent Collins was chairman of the Department. Dr Winnie is one of the founding fathers of the modern era of ASRA, the American Society of Regional Anesthesia. He is nationally and internationally recognized as a leading figure in our field. Dr Winnie brought me to Cook County in 1994. He thought that my background in anatomy would be a valuable asset in regional anesthesia. He encouraged and challenged me daily and named me eventually chairman of orthopedic anesthesiology. At County I met Dr Zairo Vieira, who worked closely with Dr Winnie for many years until their retirement in 2002. Dr Vieira, originally from Brazil, was knowledgeable and skillful in all types of regional anesthesia and he was a kind and understanding boss. I am indebted to both Dr Winnie and Dr Vieira. I strive to maintain the tradition of quality and achievement they always set as their goals.


Dr Franco, Dr Colins and Dr Vieira



Dr Winnie and Dr Franco


Dr Vieira